Project Details

In 2016, with cocacola being the most consumed beverage and most talked-about beverage on socials in Nigeria, Pepsi needed to break through the clutter of advertising using digital as a major tool, in order to connect with its target audience in a distinct and memorable way with the overall goal of sales growth. We were tasked with the execution.


  • Social Media Management
  • Content Development
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Digital Ads
  • Press Release Deployment


Leveraging PEPSI's main interest (Music, Sport & Entertainment) and the star power of its newly signed 14 Pepsi brand ambassadors. We took over the Pepsi's social media management and developed daily content that was relatable, creative and in-trend using videos/ gifs & statics We ran awareness and engaging quaterly digital campaigns with social stories that resonated with the Naija spirit e.g #NaijaAllTheWay #PepsiLongThroat etc We collaborated with all Tiers of Influencers to amplify Pepsi's core message, digital campaigns & social events. We utilized programmatic display ads and amplified content on social blogs to reach a wider audience. We also created a meme generator, video generator, and downloadable emojis which organically turned our target audience into an engaging community


We grew the social media platforms from a combined followers base of 22,000+ (2016 count) to a whopping 654,000+ (present count) with a recurring engagement level maintained at 44% of followers. We delivered a functional content template & a look and feel relatable to the TA (Genz & Millenials) making Pepsi's page a bench mark for beverage brands in Nigeria Monthly data showed 96% positive feedback about the brand from the general public, this was due to our team of social media managers always present For every digital campaign we executed using influencers & blogs, we reached between 2million - 10million social media users and made between 15million - 750million impressions + Numerous Viral Hashtags Our strategic profiling of audience via the use of sponsored ads helped us deliver above 50% sales growth annually By 2019, PEPSI NIGERIA had become the most consumed beverage, the most social friendly beverage, the biggest youth aggregator brand in the country due to our digital strategy & executions