Project Details

Chipper Cash ending (1 of 5 Unicorns in Africa, present in over 8 countries) was on the rise in The FinTech industry in Africa. However with almost 100 other fintech companies adopting the same communication direction, CHIPPER CASH needed to rise above this to get the attention required. DottsMedia was tasked to design a comms strategy and execution that will set Chipper apart thus helping to increase share of voice and users at large.

SERVICES RENDERED (in 8 different markets)

  • Ambassador Signing
  • Media Buying (TV / Radio)
  • Social Media Management
  • Production
  • Content Development
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Digital Ads & Press Release Deployment


We were tasked with all marketing endeavours in over 8 markets (including Nigeria, SA, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, the UK etc) and we built a strategy to communicate using an emotional approach

We signed grammy winner - BurnaBoy and leveraged the power of his popular hit - BANK ON IT as the overall message for Chipper's communication as a financial platform you can BANK ON.

We have creatively produced almost 10 Radio Jingles / 30 TV & Social Media Video Ads using Ambassadors BurnaBoy, Simi, Patrice Evra, Kansime, Black Sheriff etc to drive Chipper's core message

We took over the Chipper's social media management and developed daily content that was creative, vibrant and in-trend using videos/ gifs & statics

We ran awareness and engaging monthly campaigns with giveaways that grew the Chipper community across Africa using Billboards / TV / Radio & Digital

We collaborated with all Tiers of Influencers to amplify Chipper's offerings, core message, digital campaigns & social events. We utilized programmatic display ads for conversions and amplified content on social blogs to reach a wider audience.


We grew the social media platforms from a combined followers base of 1,070+ (2019 count) to a whopping 545,000+ (across all markets)

We delivered a youthful content template & a look and feel balanced for the TA (Everybody) making Chipper's page one of the most engaging fintech pages on socials

Our Digital / billboard / TV & Radio execution led to Top of mind awareness for the brand in less than a year, which in turn helped the brand raise over 300Million USD in their series B funding.

For every digital campaign we executed using influencers & blogs, we reached between 2million - 10million social media users and made between 15million - 500million impressions + Numerous Viral Hashtags

Our digital campaigns & Sponsored ads ran on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin helped the brand gain over 7Million+ users across African Markets.

By end of 2022, CHIPPER CASH had become the fastest growing fintech brand and one of 5 unicorns in Africa amongst (Flutterwave, Interswitch etc)