Chipper Cash Launches In The United States With A Little Help From Burna Boy

In our chat with Ham Serunjogi and Maijid Moujaled (Cofounders, Chipper Cash) on which country has the best African dish—Majid thinks it’s Jollof Rice from his motherland Ghana; Ham disagrees and says i’ts Pilau from Uganda.

But they do agree on one thing—receiving money instantly in most African countries from the family in the diaspora or vice versa can be a life-saving moment.

When Maijid moved to the United States for school, his father could only send him money indirectly through his friend who lived in the U.S. That system was slow, frustrating, and was prone to fall apart at a moment’s notice.

That didn’t change after graduation he said. “It still took 3 – 4 days to send money, and it was expensive”.

So, with the recent launch of Chipper Cash in the United States, The co-founders expressed excitement to be able to support the African diaspora in sending money back home instantly, with no fees, and at the best rates; “it is a personal feel-good moment for Ham and I” Maijid said.