Project Details

In 2020, During the heat of covid, the demand of sanitizers was on the high in Nigeria. 2Sure (a newly introduced Sanitizer product) needed to rise above other competing brands. Faced with global restrictions, lockdowns - digital was the major tool needed to connect with its target audience. We were tasked to handle the digital aspect of the brand launch & deliver campaigns that will position the 2Sure brand as the go-to sanitizer by the end of 2020.


  • Social Media Management
  • Content Development
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Digital Ads
  • Press Release Deployment


Leveraging the strategic brand association with its newly signed ambassador - DAKORE, the USP of the brand's products and key message was dialed up digitally, leading to profitable market penetration.

We took over the 2Sure's social media management and developed daily creative and engaging content that was both product-driven and customer-driven, using videos/ gifs & statics

We scaled up the 2Sure brand via storytelling connected to COVID and created awareness and engaging quarterly digital campaigns such as #Be2Sure #BeTheSpec etc leading to high product acceptance, trials and adoption.

We collaborated with all Tiers of Influencers and social blogs to amplify 2Sure's core message, digital campaigns. Sponsored ads and programmatic display ads were executed to amplify brand content to reach a wider audience.

We also created a meme generator for #BeTheSpec Campaign, video generator, and downloadable emojis for the purpose of driving more engaging campaigns/activities off-page and on-page of the brand.

We strategically deployed press releases on high-rating web blogs to expand the reach of our message and the brand itself.


We created & grew the social media platforms from 0 (2020 count) to 11,400+ (present count) with a daily recurring engagement on-page

We delivered a homecare driven content template & a look and feel relatable to the Target audience making 2Sure page highly admirable to the public on socials and its competing brands in Nigeria

Monthly data showed continous growth in adoption of the product, leading to introduction of new products (Bathing Soap, Dishwasher) from the brand to serve the warm community delivered for the brand via our result-driven SMM & Campaigns

For every digital campaign we executed using influencers & blogs, we reached between 5million - 10million social media users and made between 15million - 350million impressions + Numerous Viral Hashtags

Our strategic deployment of press releases, usage of microsite and execution of sponsored ads to drive brand engagement, helped the brand achieve its goals for product trials, convertible to growth in sales annually

By the end of 2020, 2Sure had become not only the most popular sanitizer in Nigeria, but a highly sought after personal/ homecare product due to our a successful digital strategy & executions by Dotts Media