Project Details

DottsMediaHouse, the leading creative agency in Africa, made a positive impact in the Sabo/Yaba axis of Lagos State with their 2021 CSR project aimed at promoting #SafeCrossing. On the 15th of August, the DottsMediaHouse team hit the ground running and successfully installed two Zebra Crossings and an additional one for the children of Aje Comprehensive High School in Yaba.

The project was a response to the need for increased safety measures for pedestrians in Sabo/Yaba, one of the busiest areas in Lagos. In just 9 hours, the DottsMediaHouse team successfully completed the project and installed the sharp Zebra Crossings alongside signboards placed at strategic points to indicate "people are crossing". These efforts have reduced accidents within the environment and ensured the safety of residents and commuters.

The project was executed in commemoration of the #YouthDayOfService, a week-long annual event organized by Leap Africa in celebration of the International Youth Day and fulfillment of the SDGs. The DottsMediaHouse team was proud to be a part of this initiative and continues to seek opportunities to make a positive impact in their communities.

DottsMediaHouse demonstrated their commitment to corporate social responsibility by executing a project aimed at promoting #SafeCrossing and ensuring the safety of residents and commuters in Sabo/Yaba. The company continues to provide creative solutions that drive results and make a positive impact in the world.