Media Report

This is the SCEOND EDITION OF THE annual report on Influencer Marketing in Nigeria (using 2019 as a case study), with focus on algorithms and its effects, trends, campaign case studies , hashtags and keywords, the power of content creation and projections for 2020!


NIMR IS NIGERIA’S FIRST – EVER ANNUAL REPORT ON INFLUENCER MARKETING, WELCOME TO THE SECOND EDITION (2019 AS A CASE STUDY) Just before we take this deep dive into another cycle of reporting the state of Influencer Marketing in Nigeria. Here is an Overview of what the first edition was about: Nigeria’s first ever influencer marketing report was produced to place Nigeria in the global marketing conversation, thereby putting the Nigerian social media landscape in the global map and to express the state of this form of marketing in Nigeria before it is drowned. In the research, facts and data statistics were analysed vis avis telling brand stories to target audience. The report also served as a reference material to brand managers/ advertiers / social media enthusiasts and of course Influencers who constantly engage with target markets in different industries. Marketers began to understand the need to understand markets and customer segmentation in crafting their stories; and more importantly what influencers to engage for specific campaigns. This gave rise to the discussion on influencer type and niche- an idea that was soon embraced by marketing managers and brand executives. It helped define the influencer scope on campaigns, by creating a unique story telling technique that gives credibility to the brand and the product/service and by extension creates believability and talkability of the product /brand. These pointers form the essence of the first ever report, showing the journey and transition, and how the growth over the years has affected the industry on digital campaigns, PR spend and major trends in influencer marketing. Feedback from the consumption of the first edition of this report showed that it has been very instrumental to brand executives and advertisers and it helped them to embrace the need to take influencers marketing as an important part of their campaign and marketing strategy as a whole, Further results show, social media influencers are now geared towards creating an excellent career model for themselves, paying attention to brands’ messaging and communication strategy compared to a year before. Which is why, The goal for this year’s review will retain the goal of putting the Nigerian social media landscape on the global conversation, while following the trends, best practices and analyse more factual data / statistics to produce comprehensive results for marketing professionals nationwide