Media Report

This is the first-ever annual report on Influencer Marketing in Nigeria (using 2018 as a case study), with focus on the state, perceptions, trends, challenges and projections within the industry.


The major goal of the Influencer marketing report is to put the Nigerian social media landscape in the global map with the objective to majorly express the state of this form of marketing in Nigeria before it is drowned. This is a research work with provided facts and statistics about influencer marketing in relation to telling brand stories and convincingly reaching a target audience. The aim is for this report to serve as a reference material to brand managers / advertisers / social media enthusiasts and of course Influencers in any future industry analysis.

We put this report together through a combined effort and contribution of relevant respondents and stakeholders in the industry, who represent brands / agencies, CEOs, content consumers, content creators, social media influencers and marketing professionals. A survey process was adopted through targeted sponsored ads, chats with industry professionals and a focus group discussion, through which we reached 500+ respondents

This research focuses on some relevant discuss such as measuring campaign success, such as trend vs Engagement, Ideal Influencers, content production and consumption. These topics form the essence of this report – to show the journey and state while also ascertaining the essence of the industry and the relevance of influencer marketing in digital campaigns.

This report will help brands/advertisers understand the need to take influencers marketing as a serious part of their campaign plan, it will also help social media influencers build a better career models and even help individuals fit to be influencers across the nation realise their potential. This is the first edition of the report – a first of its kind in Nigeria – and in subsequent years, we will continuously conduct this research to serve as reference material to the industry, and to set it on a global stage.