Facebook Launches Ray-Ban Stories – Here’s All You Need To Know

Facebook Launches Ray-Ban Stories – Here’s All You Need To Know
September 11, 2021 admin

Have you ever thought of the possibility of not having to hold any device to take a picture or record a video? Well, if you had mentioned this to me last week, I would have called you crazy. Lol. And Yes, your guess is as good as mine. That’s what’s happening with the recent announcement made by Facebook. Keep reading to get the full gist..

Exactly two days ago, 9th of September 2021, Facebook’s founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg announced via his social media pages that Facebook had collaborated with one of the World most renowned eyewear brand ‘Ray-Ban’ to launch a new collection of the eyewear called Ray-Ban Stories. You remember what I started with, about having to take pictures or videos without holding any device. Here’s the answer, It appears all you need is to buy a pair of Ray-Ban Stories eyewear and voila, you get to capture images and record videos of the world through your eyes. Quite Amazing, isn’t it? See some of the features of the smart glasses in the next paragraphs;

Take Pictures & Record Videos

Ray-Ban Stories’ dual integrated 5MP cameras let you capture life’s moments as they happen from a unique first-person perspective. You can easily record the world as you see it, taking photos and up to 30-second videos using the capture button or hands-free with Facebook Assistant voice commands. As part of its functionality, a hard-wired capture LED lights up to let people nearby know when you’re taking a photo or video. 

Make Calls & Listen to Music

Streamlined, open-ear speakers are built in, and Ray-Ban Stories’ three-microphone audio array delivers richer voice and sound transmission for calls and videos. Beamforming technology and a background noise suppression algorithm provided for an enhanced calling experience like you’d expect from dedicated headphones.

Save & Share Content Captured

Ray-Ban Stories pairs with the new Facebook View app, so you can share your stories and memories seamlessly with friends and social media followers. The Facebook View app on iOS and Android makes it easy to import, edit and share content captured on the smart glasses to apps on your phone: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat and more. You can also save content to your phone’s camera roll and edit and share from there. And new, exclusive post-capture enhancements built into Facebook View let you create unique content to put a special spin on your posts.

Built in partnership with Facebook and EssilorLuxottica, Ray-Ban Stories is presently on sale for $299 USD and is available for purchase in 20 style combinations online and in select retail stores in the US, as well as Australia, Canada, Ireland, Italy and the UK. I know, I know, I did not mention Africa. Well, according to Rocco Basilico, the Chief Wearables Officer of EssilorLuxottica, more regions and locations will be added soon, so fingers crossed my fellow Africans, Fingers crossed! I can’t wait for us all to start picturing and sharing the world through our own eyes. See you in our next blogpost!


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