The Implications of Twitter Downvote Feature

The Implications of Twitter Downvote Feature
August 20, 2021 admin

Nevertheless, the fact that the testing (subtle announcement) of the downvote feature on Twitter ushered in an array of reactions and chirpy expressions from different users in the digital space, the downvote feature holds some implication even if it is not accentuated yet.

The implications which undoubtedly trickle down to the least users in the digital space will indeed change the narrative of how campaigns and the normal activities of these actors hold sway on the micro-blogging platform – Twitter.

For Specificity, let’s take a cursory look at the implications on the four major players of the digital spaces which are the brand, the agency, the influencers and the Twitter users or customers.

  • The Brand

Brands have made Twitter their go-to platform to disseminate various messages to their target audience as well as the general public as they deem fit for years now. The constant usage of the platform for the sole purpose of communication has been meaningful, undeniably. However, if the downvote feature tested by Twitter a few months ago is welcomed and made permanent on the platform, what would it hold for brands?

What would be its implication on the communications from brands?

If this feature is made permanent, it symbolizes that the unrepresented negative emotions of the brand’s audience will be represented. That is, followers will now be able to out rightly dislike the messages of brands, of which if many could adversely influence the image of the brand online as a thousand pile-up of downvotes can not mean positives for the brand but negatives such as – UNACCEPTED, UNLOVED and other reactions that can spell doom for brands image digitally.

Positively, a pile of downvotes on brands posts on Twitter can help in ascertaining the nature of communication that works, putting the brands on their foot to serve their target audience with messages that will resonate with them, thereby getting many upvotes and boosting their brand perception as well as presence.

  • The Agency 

That Agencies will have to do a lot to manage conversations during campaigns (for brands) is unquestionable. This is because the dislike or downvote feature on Twitter which is the most used platform for campaigns, especially influencer marketing, opens raw brand messages up to negatives as followers or the public can now downvote a post even if the post is worth all the upvotes it could get.

Consequently, agencies not being able to proactively manage brand messages whether via brand pages or influencers will give agencies away as not-capable for campaign engagements. This could lead to loss of client and reputation for the agencies amongst high-paying clients.

The positive side of this for agencies is the fact that agencies can now be sure of conversation directions that can pull their clients (brands) in a mud of shame as a result of the downvote feature. Therefore, agencies can proactively manage conversations, know their clients (brands) target audience better and perform better in order to achieve a successful campaign.

  • Influencers

Twitter made this set of social media stars popular, however, the popularity can now be robbed in the mud as a result of the downvote feature. The audience of brands downvoting a particular brand message put out by an influencer will unequivocally misrepresent the efforts of an influencer on a promotional campaign. This, which could of course lead to loss of job opportunities for the influencers.

However, the light this downvote feature brings for influencers is in the fact that the functionality puts the influencers on their toes, thereby unconsciously honing their KYF skills to be a better brand messengers or conversation drivers.

  • Twitter Users or Customers

The fun of Twitter is in the possibilities of being exposed to various shades of conversations and contents. However, with the downvote feature, the kind of content that twitter users or a customer will be exposed to will be limited and streamlined. This is because the usage of the downvote feature sends an “interest update signal” to Twitter’s algorithm, so that it does not show to the user what he or she downvoted even if the user likes that topic or nature of content, but just do not like the direction or context of conversation/post on the topic. This, which is unknowing to the user but only to Twitter (paraphrased from Twitter’s message on the downvote feature).

Conversely, the downvote feature holds positives for the regular Twitter user or customer too as the user can now express their emotion about a particular topic, post, content or conversation without saying a word in the comment section. This is an upgrade on the level of freedom Twitter users have on the platform.

How to Manage Downvotes Feature as a Brand

Upon Twitter’s approval of this feature, and going by our highlight of its possible disadvantages, we foresee that brands would be interested in knowing how to bypass those disadvantages and use the feature to aid only the positive outlook of their products or services hence, the need for a ‘capable’ digital media agency.

The importance of having a reputable digital media agency manage your brand presence on Twitter and social media platforms in general is because a reputable digital media agency knows the best practices to get the most out of your campaigns. Because of the agency expert knowledge on how Twitter works, they are able to manage your brand contents and drive positive conversation for your brand. The agency knows how to get the most out of social media ads with the use of creativity with design, content writing and video. They’ll also know how to capitalize on timing, posting on social media when breaking news happens or something goes viral.

Agency managed brands have an edge in terms of content ideas and campaign strategies. Agencies have tried-and-true formulas that have generated success. They also know what hasn’t worked in the social media space, helping you avoid pitfalls that have cost other businesses lots of money. edge in terms of content ideas and campaign strategies. 

A bad social media campaign could be devastating for your brand and business. So whether Twitter will be making the ‘downvote feature’ permanent on the platform or not, having a reputable digital media agency at the helm of your brand’s digital presence and managing the social media pages of your brand is definitely a guarantee that you are prepared and better positioned to avoid crisis and negative impacts that could arise for brands from the ‘downvote feature’.


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