Crafting A Good Brand Story

Crafting A Good Brand Story
January 15, 2020 admin

“Stories can be one of the best strategies to attract and convert potential clients”.

Stories, however, should be something with value that people can relate to and can inspire them to take actions. But of course, without the right execution to get the story out there, it’s just a wasted story that no one will ever know about.

Here are some points that marketers need to take note of:


The most important thing we must do is to craft a highly-persuasive yet genuine story that we can use to inspire people to take actions, in our case, make a purchase. But in order to make that happen, we need to understand what attracts our ideal clients, what kind of stories are they interested in, and how do we find the golden thread that can connect what they want with what we offer. And before that happens, the first step is definitely for us to understand who and what our ideal clients look like. Get deeper into it, not just demographics. Think of what their hobbies are, what pages do they follow on social media, which posts do they like and comment on. All these little details will make a whole lot of difference.


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This is where the biggest challenge lie, for most people. Stories are great, but to come up with stories that will inspire people to actually do something is no easy task. It’s got to be something that is so carefully planned and carried out. Find the sweet spot that will touch people’s heart. Remember not to aim for everything. Go back to that ideal client description that you’ve worked on, and see from their perspective. Ask a question like: “What would he/she do?”


Rags to riches story may be good, but if they’re not your true story then don’t use it. Every human being has their own story to tell, and just like that, every brand comes with a story of how and why it existed in the first place. Yes, we have to craft our story and package it into something that will attract and inspire our ideal clients. But above all that, the story has to be genuine. Because only by being genuine and having a clear vision as to what the brand stands for, then can a brand or business differentiate itself from the other competitions.

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