5 Ways To Make Waiting At Experiential Marketing Events A Fun Part Of The Experience

5 Ways To Make Waiting At Experiential Marketing Events A Fun Part Of The Experience
March 6, 2019 admin

No one actually likes waiting in line, regardless of whether they’re at a store, movie theatre, or hell.


But unfortunately, many people end up waiting in long lines in order to get into experiential marketing events or participate in the fun activities the brand has planned. Because waiting in line is such an unpleasant experience, long lines can irritate guests before they’ve even walked into your event.

To fight this problem, creative ways are being come up with to keep guests on lines entertained so they don’t get consumed by a rage so intense that the excitement of whatever is being exhibited won’t be able to clear it. Here are a couple of those ways:


1) Gaming Opportunities:

A number of brands have offered guests the opportunity to play various games while they wait in line. For example, for the series of Heineken “share the drama” activations earlier this year (handled by Livespot) where the brand hosted hundreds of football fans around the country to special live viewings of the UCL matches, we deployed a wide array of board and video games for guests to engage in. (For those that came early or those just not really interested in the match.) If the resources to implement such a high-tech strategy, it’ll be better to take the simpler route by providing tablets to guests in line and have them play pre-loaded games while they wait.

2) Lounge Area: Sometimes just providing a luxurious space for guests to sit back and relax while they wait. However, if you go with this strategy, make sure there are enough comfortable seats for everyone in line. Provide soft music, reading material (magazines, newspapers, etc) and board games to help pass time. You can even go all out and throw in finger foods.

Guests who experience this will feel relaxed (and probably reluctant to leave) before going in for the main event.

3) Live Entertainment:

Brands have the option to thrill guests with live entertainment while they wait. Interest in this strategy means having to carefully consider what types of live entertainment would be suitable for your event and guests. For example, a children’s event (like 2018 Nickelodeon Nickfest where LIVESPOT handled Maltina’s experiential corner) would greatly benefit from having live entertainers like face painters and balloon artists.

4) Give Away Prizes: Make guests look forward to standing in line at your event by giving away prizes to some of the people who have to wait. There are countless ways to host a giveaway, so consider all of your options before deciding how to implement this strategy.Some brands may want to give away prizes using old-fashioned raffle tickets, while others may want to take the more interactive approach by giving away prizes to guests who correctly answer trivia questions. If you want to spread the word about your event on social media, give prizes to the first 20 people who post a photo using your branded hashtag. Choose the strategy that fits your brand’s personality the best, and then select prizes that people will actually be excited to win. No one will complain about having to stand in line if they walk away from the experience with a prize!

5) Product Demonstrations: The purpose of hosting an experiential marketing event is to introduce more people to your brand and product line.

So, why not introduce them to your brand while they wait in line? If you are hosting an informational event, consider setting up a product demonstration in the area where guests will be waiting in line. Hire a brand ambassador to work this area so they can walk guests through how to use the product and point out the product’s main benefits. The brand ambassador should also be prepared to answer any questions that may arise from the product demonstration. This is a great way to create buzz around the products so your guests are even more eager to get to the front of the line to see what else you have in store.


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