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To what extent are people familiar with your goods or products? Or how do you want people to know about your product?

Brand awareness might seem like a vague concept, and in truth, it is. For those marketers, business marketers, and business owners out there who like to measure and define neat and tidy numbers, brand awareness will likely ruffle your feathers.

Brand awareness is also central to understanding the consumer purchase decision process.

Strong brand awareness can be a predictor of brand success. It is an important measure of brand strength or brand equity and is involved in customer satisfaction, brand loyalty and the customer’s brand relationship.

Brand Awareness cannot just happen overnight neither do the public, i.e. your audience. It can’t happen from a marketing campaign or simple advertisement.

Strong brand awareness is a result of multiple simultaneous efforts that extend beyond trying to get paying customers. Strong brand awareness is a result of different efforts that extend beyond trying to get paying customers.

If you expect to raise awareness of your brand by running a few product advertisements on Facebook, you won’t get very far. Not only will the consumer be focused on the product (not the brand), but the ad will also lack impact beyond a simple sale.

Question is how do I establish brand awareness?

  • Be a person not a company – you know how you meet a new friend and you get to know them by asking questions, basically creating a conversation to get your new friend excited should be the same traits to determine and promote the brand.
  • Socialize – whether an introvert or an extrovert, to raise awareness of your brand, you’ve got to be social. Post on social media about things unrelated to your product or services, interact with your audience, ask questions, comment on posts, retweet and share a content you like.
  • Tell a Narrative – story telling is an incredibly powerful marketing tactic, craft a narrative around your brand humanize and give it a depth. People like hearing stories, authenticity is impact.
  • Share – make sharing easy! Make it easy for your audience to share content – this could be a blog post, sponsored ads, videos, social media posts etc. as long as it’s shareable.


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