IPhone screens Versus Samsung Screens

IPhone screens Versus Samsung Screens
February 15, 2019 admin











We all know that Samsung produces iPhone screens, Samsung screens are awesome until it breaks and a Samsung user has to pay dearly for the repair. It is expensive to repair when it is damaged.

Samsung phones have the best phone screens and they have dominated and perfected this for years, ranged from curved displays like the system edge to the later versions of the phone.

Galaxy S7 bears this performance boost out, games in particular absolutely fly, whether it is the fast-paced 3D racing thrills of Asphalt or the detailed 2D puzzling of Lara Croft.

Apple uses OLED panel in iPhone X, sourced from Samsung that is much better than the LCD screens used in all of its other iPhones.

Colours on an OLED panel can ‘pop’ more than on a traditional LCD panel, which means photos, videos and games, can look much true to life. It also uses less battery than an LCD panel that is more battery life.


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