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Global Handwashing Day was first introduced in the year, 2008. It was initiated by the Global Handwashing Partnership in August 2008. The first Global Handwashing Day took place on 15th of October, 2008. The Global Handwashing Day is celebrated annually. This date was appointed by the UN General Assembly. A host of founding bodies of the day in 2008 include; FHI360 (A Non-profit human development organization), US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Procter & Gamble, UNICEF, Unilever, World Bank Water & Sanitation Program and the United States Agency for International Development.


Handwashing with soap is very effective and least expensive way to prevent Diarrhea as well as other diseases caused by germs. Diarrhea  and Pneumonia alone are responsible for about 3.5 million child mortality annually. Handwashing with soap is estimated to reduce cases of diarrhea by 30% and respiratory infections by 21% in children under the age of five. It is imperative to make handwashing a habit. Good Handwashing with soap before and after using the toilet  into a regular habit can save more lives than a single vaccine or medical intervention. Global Handwashing Day helps raise awareness of the importance of washing with soap, but makes it fun for children to get involved with different kind of school activities to celebrate the day.

Handwashing is generally encouraged to be carried out everywhere. Especially in schools, religious organisations, homes, work places, and so on. The celebration of the handwashing day is aimed at improving the culture of handwashing in all societies and also inform people about the benefits of handwashing using soap. The Global Handwashing Day comes with a slogan which is “Our Hands, Our Future!” this slogan refers to the fact that, the our personal hygiene with our hands, determines our health and kicks away germs that leads to infections and diseases.

Lifebuoy hosted the Global Handwashing Day at Command Primary School, Ikeja with its kids. The event was aimed at teaching kids on the importance of hygiene and also helped the kids learn how to wash their hands properly. Present at the event were; Her Excellency, Mrs. Toyin Saraki (Wife of Senate President)  and Omawumi.


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