Lights, Camera, Africa Film Festival 2018 Showcases The Best Of African Film

Lights, Camera, Africa Film Festival 2018 Showcases The Best Of African Film
October 2, 2018 admin
The Lights Camera Action Film Festival 2018 was not just another film festival, it was THE film festival that showcased the best of African films as it came to a thrilling climax after its 3rd day on Sunday the 3oth of September at the Agip Hall, MUSON Centre, Onikan, Lagos.
The last day had legendary Nigerian filmmaker Tunde Kelani in a conversation, as his adaptation of Wole Soyinka’s ‘The Lion and the Jewel’ – Sidi Ilujinle a movie that was shot in Ibadan and had the entire dialogue in the Native Yoruba language.
Another highlight of the last day was the ‘Café of Dreams’ screening directed by Emeka Ed Keazor – which was a joy to watch as it revealed deep historical unknowns about legendary Nigerian singers.
The first two days of the Festival (28th & 29th of September) had other numerous highlights that sparked great interest across the creative space, with Ema Edosio’s Kasala screening on the opening day, it focused on the street vibes in an African city with a high-tempo vibe all through, as a couple of youths quite literally entered ‘Kasala’.
Kenneth Gyang’s Ignorance of Blood was another powerful documentary that was screened on the 2nd day that gained tremendous critical appeal.


Speaking at the festival closing, Founder Lights, Camera, Africa, Ugoma Adegoke said that This year’s festival was one of the best we have had over the years. Moving the event to MUSON – a historical location for performance and art gave this Lights, Camera, Africa, 2018 more gravitas, and we hope to come bigger and better next year”.

The class and style of the very best in African film were in full glare and it made for a colourful festival. The festival also included Q&As from numerous directors and featured 19 films.

The films addressed prevalent societal issues like sexual harassment, gender roles, and inequality. In all, it portrayed a more thoughtful and creative side to African Film – that is why Lights, Camera, Africa is the best film festival in Africa.


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