Andela Partners With Rwanda Development Board As It Launches Pan-African Technology Hub In Kigali

Andela Partners With Rwanda Development Board As It Launches Pan-African Technology Hub In Kigali
July 25, 2018 admin

Andela, a company building high-performing engineering teams with Africa’s most talented software developers, has announced the launch of a technology hub in its fourth African market: Kigali, Rwanda. This expansion is fuelled in partnership with the Government of Rwanda through the Rwanda Development Board (RDB), an organization responsible for transforming the country into a dynamic global hub for business, investment, and innovation.

Kigali, which is known as a model of technological excellence on the African continent, was chosen as a strategic location for Andela’s first pan-African hub due to its strong existing infrastructure and ease of access for developers across the continent. Through the partnership, RDB will support Andela’s efforts to build a pan-African workforce and support the development of Rwandan and other African talents.

Andela co-founder and CEO Jeremy Johnson, revealed how thrilled his team is to collaborate with the Government of Rwanda, as their missions are closely aligned. He also revealed that the location found in Kigali makes traveling to-and-from other African countries seamless and has the modern and connected infrastructure required to collaborate with a global workforce.


Andela launched operations in Nigeria in 2014 to help global companies overcome the severe shortage of skilled software developers and invest in Africa’s top technical minds. Since then, the company has hired and developed software engineers across the continent who collectively help power the technology teams of more than 150 global companies, while setting new standards for engineering culture.

Seni Sulyman, Andela VP, Global Operations, states that Kigali, being the first fully 4G African city, continues to push towards ICT excellence and is fast becoming one of East Africa’s key tech hubs. Furthermore, he revealed that Andela’s moral belief relies on connecting talent with opportunity on a global scale and with the opening of the Kigali hub, opportunities to thousands of more software engineers from across the continent who will make their mark on the global tech scene via Kigali are expected.


Andela will open applications to candidates from any African country looking to jumpstart a global career in software development in August of 2018, and launch its Kigali tech campus in December of 2018. It will also open applications for the Andela Learning Community (ALC), which provides free resources and mentorship to aspiring technologists, in Rwanda and Tanzania in August of 2018.


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