April 9, 2018 Dotts

Huawei has outdone its rivals with a new smartphone that use three cameras to snap a single photo.

Yes! You heard it right. Huawei, which trails only Apple (AAPL) and Samsung (SSNLF) in global smartphone production, said this week that its new P20 and P20 Pro phones will sell for €649 ($804) and €899 ($1,115)

Huawei P20

There are 3 cameras located on the back of the flagship P20 Pro, with one designed to work exclusively as a zoom function. A fourth camera, located on the front of the phone, can be used for selfies.

Both phones come equipped with a special feature called “night mode” that allows users to take photos in dark light. Normally, a tripod would be needed to ensure the photos don’t blur.

Huawei is trying to make up for a lack of name recognition in certain markets with technological advancements and eye-catching camera features.

The front of both new phones look similar to Apple’s iPhone X, with the screen engulfing nearly the entire phone.


The P20 and P20 Pro take another page out of Apple’s playbook by not including a dedicated headphone port. Earbuds instead connect through the charging port, which Huawei says will allow for a slimmer phone and longer battery life.

Aside from the cameras, the P20 Pro’s other strength is battery life, with 4,000 mAh powering the 6-inch screen that adopts the on-trend tall aspect ratio. Fast charging using the supplied brick and cable is also reliable.

The fingerprint sensor is fast as expected of Huawei phones, though the sensor is prone to accidental misreads from the user’s palm because it is nearly flush with the rest of the phone’s chin.


The gradient “twilight” hue is gorgeous, shifting from blue to purple depending on how the glass back reflects light. The P20 Pro is also available in blue, black and gold.

Huawei’s new logo and the Leica branding are stacked horizontally alongside the triple cameras, underscoring how the phone is as much a camera, with the screen viewed in landscape, as it is a communications and media consumption device.

Check out the specifications here



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