August 30, 2017 Dotts

Yes!  the Omen Master Lagos was as electrifying as anything you can imagine and in case you slept while the entire galaxy was set to #DominateTheGame, here is what went down.

The Omen Masters Lagos took place at  the Civic Center Lagos State Nigeria on the 25th August, 2017 and was a huge night especially for the winner who walked away with $2000 and a HP Omen Laptop.

It was originally a contest of 32 players, carefully selected from a pool of over 2500 entries by @joystixng and they were assembled at  Jamo Afrique bar, Lekki, Lagos State on the 24th of August, 2017 were the preliminaries took place.

Boom! A game of fast fingers and mental prowess It was, as most of the gamers were really good but there were victories and so 16 players emerged to the next stage.

The next stage was the main event and believe me, you have never seen anything like the set up.  The event was anchored by @iamDo2dtun and the place looked like Old Trafford in the atmosphere (lol forgive me Chelsea fans) with @ABSOLUTNG present at the entrance with all kinds of tasty cocktails for guests.

Omen Masters LagosOmen Masters Lagos

The main event commenced with registrations of guests, players, media teams and every single person in the hall. This was needed as it was a strictly by invitation and 18+ event.

Omen Masters LagosOmen Masters Lagos

Games kicked off by 4:15pm with the 16 contestants. These contestants were divided into 2 teams and paired together. The 2nd knockout resulted to 8 contestants which followed by the 3rd knockout game reducing the contestants to four.

Omen Masters LagosOmen Masters Lagos

The game became more intense and so we had to cool our tension down (winks). Enter the one and only Dj Exclusive scratching it like no other and while guests danced to the groove, Tolani took us up with his bursting songs. Side games like snooker, table soccer, jenga, miniature golf and more keep everyone busy at something. I almost forgot there were lots of food and drinks I mean a lot.

Omen Masters LagosOmen Masters Lagos

Omen Masters LagosOmen Masters Lagos

The moment everyone has been waiting for came, the 2 finalist for the Omen Masters Lagos emerged. All eyes were fixed on the screen provided for the guests, hands were trembling, legs were shaking, supporters were whispering, the entire atmosphere was saturated with tension. Boom! Gooaaaallll! One player scored few minutes to the end of the game and while the opposing player tried all that he could do, his time was out before he could strategize more plans.

Omen Masters Lagos

The Winner Ehimare Okosun emerged. He was crowned with his well-deserved $2000 and a HP Omen Laptop but that was not all. L.A.X, the runaway crooner was live and had everyone living in the moment with his songs and exciting performance. Stay awake next time you hear HP and INTEL cooking something, they don’t break, they #DominateTheGame.

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