July 20, 2017 Dotts

Telecommunication Giant ‘Etisalat Nigeria’ on Wednesday July19th officially unveiled its new brand identity – 9MOBILE. The number 9 is significant with nature, the start of life and the time of birth and 9mobile is poised to make life easier with seamless communication services available to everyone in 9ja.


The new website is and even with the change of brand identity, 9mobile Telecommunication has promised to sustain speed, quality, excellence and better services as the new brand emerges.

The new name and logo is a confirmation of Nigeria and its heritage. “The color green reflects nature, vibrancy, dynamism, life and youth.


The Chief Executive Officer of 9mobile, Mr Boye Olusanya, reconfirmed the change in brand identity at the Launching Conference which held in Lagos, Nigeria on Wednesday, 19th July, 2017.  According to him, the rebranding will enable the company to connect more with its subscribers, especially the youth.

“In our nine years of operations, we have remained at the forefront of innovation and take pride in consistently delivering superior experiences to our subscribers.

“We continue to establish meaningful partnerships with our customers and partners by providing platforms that support their goals and aspirations,’’ he said.

The CEO said that the new name and brand were a deliberate representation and confirmation of its Nigerian heritage. He said that the new identity was another phase of the telecommunications company’s evolution over nine years of operations in Nigeria. Olusanya said that though the company’s name and brand changed, the values on which it operated remained the same.

He said that the new logo represented resilience and continuity, particularly of digital technology and continued impact on communication and human interactions. According to him, being a number-themed logo, reflects the network’s futuristic slant. “The color green, both its light and dark variants, reflects vibrancy, dynamism, life and youth, as well as the brand’s ‘Nigerianness’.


“With the launch of our new brand, our commitment to providing our subscribers with best-in-class telecommunications services continues.

“We live in a digitalised world and 9mobile is positioned to deliver more platforms, products and services, using the power of technology.



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