June 21, 2017 Dotts

Cloud technology has become the staple for many cases when it comes to storage. There are a lot of benefits involved with transferring your files on an online server rather than keeping them on an offline desktop or laptop hardware.

There are now many cloud services available, and from OneDrive and Google Drive to AppleCloud and DropBox, all of them offer great features at reasonable prices. Most of them even give you free space that you can enjoy, asking you to pay just for more space if you need it.


There are a lot of benefits that come with pertaining to a cloud network but there are also downsides as well. When you are on a cloud network, you have to share it with other people. All these strangers are going to make it difficult at times for you to access your files, especially if you have a not so good internet connection and if the cloud service is very popular and has a lot of customers.

A solution for this however is to create your own network. It’s not an easy task but it’s not an impossible one either. But with affordable server solutions and useful software such as IpSwitch, you can hope to achieve quite a remarkable feat. Having your own network can be incredibly useful especially if there are other people that you might want to host. If you and a couple of people want to be able to share things between you unconditionally, having your own private cloud platform can be very useful.


It’s also more reliable if you build it to small scale. Most cloud services operate on huge infrastructures that are supposed to host their hundred thousands of users. A private cloud platform shouldn’t need that much power and resources since it’s just probably going to be a handful of other people. This means that you can have a smaller cloud platform, but one that you are in complete control of.

When it comes to complete control, you would also be in charge of the updates that the platform receives. This means that you will no longer have to wait for the service provider to make a move as you can update your platform as often as you want. Since it’s a completely closed platform, it’s also a lot more secure. It depends on how many people gain access to it really, and whether or not you are planning on going commercial with your new cloud platform.





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